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Few things to note:

1. You can pay by credit card or Paypal. Remember with PayPal, you can pay either using your credit card or paying from your bank account (with a PayPal account). I strongly recommend you create a PayPal account for payments as this will give you access to PayPal's tracking facilities.  There will be a small currency conversion fee if buying this product outside of Australia.

2. When placing a PDF copy on a digital device instead of photocopying it, this is also considered a 'copy' by law.   Please purchase a copy for each person or device or register your copies with CCLI.

3. If using your PDF score on a device, it is best if you use a programme where the pages move SIDEWAYS (horizontally). That way they move only one page at a time and more like a book (the vertical view can skip pages when scrolled). I recommend the free e-book app that should come with an android, and the free program "Files" app with an ipad. Please contact us if you find other suitable programmes we can suggest to our customers. 

4. Careful when printing - check which key and pages you wish to print ... otherwise you may end up with the song printed 4 times!

5. If you are only using these scores on a tablet device, you may find the 4 different keys too cumbersome.  Email us with your receipt number and what individual key you would prefer.  Or you can resave the pdf and define the page numbers you want.

6. If the 4 keys provided is still not the right key, send us the receipt number of your purchase and what key you would like the song to be in.

7. If you find mistakes in the scores, please let us know.

8. Let us know of other Christian songs you would like the sheetmusic of and we'll see what we can do!

9. Please remember you have only 24-72 hours to download your sheetmusic.

10. If happy with your product and this store, please tell your friends.